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Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Why Choose Fiber Optic Cable Installation for Your Business?

A slow internet connection can be the death of a business. No matter the size of your business, having a strong and reliable connection with a fast download speed is crucial for reducing downtime and giving customers a positive user experience.

Fiber optic cabling has proven to be the quickest and most seamless option for communication quality in internet and telephone systems. The technology, which uses small glass or plastic threads to transmit data, is a much faster and more reliable method than cabling alternatives.

High-speed internet, voice and video are necessary for the growth and success of any modern business. If you’re having issues with speed or looking for a more scalable and affordable alternative,  fiber optic cable installation is your answer.

Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Increased Speed

Other types of cable materials are often the reason for a slow connection because they can’t transmit a high-speed signal, especially over long distances or when many computers are connected to one system. Fiber optic cabling, however, can carry more bandwidth and is able to support fluctuations in internet usage throughout a busy workday, which results in a better and larger capacity overall.

Improved Reliability

The glass or plastic composition of fiber optic cables gives them many benefits. Because they don’t involve metal, they’re nonconductive and won’t transmit a power surge to other cables nearby. They’re also less susceptible to weather-related incidents and less prone to electromagnetic interference. The durability of fiber optic cables means you won’t have to worry about losing a connection when you need it most.

Simple Installation

Traditional cables are made of metal, and because they’re thicker, they can be difficult to implement — which often necessitates extra construction. Fiber optic cables are made from glass with the thickness of a single strand of hair. This makes them more flexible and, therefore, much easier to install. Even if you don’t replace all of your electrical cables, you can still install fiber optic cabling alongside the others without causing extra noise or interruption.

Powerful Bandwidth

If you’re frequently downloading huge files and streaming HD video for meetings, you’re reducing speed and putting a strain on your bandwidth — which means a slower connection. With fiber optic cabling, however, your bandwidth can support even the most internet-heavy tasks. Whether it’s video conferencing, video streaming or large file downloads, you’ll never be dragged down by lagging speed or delays, no matter how many devices are simultaneously at work.